Is technically up!  It's actually been up for a long while, however, the link in the front page from the image wasn't updated.  So, I just fixed that, if anyone cared.  Also, the map is really not quite the final product...just what I have done.  Unfortunately I am currently too busy to finish the map until the end of the war, (though admittedly this is when his path is fuzzy so I'm not sure I could do it anyways).  Perhaps when I have time over the summer I will be able to finish the map, however, for now, I think the map more than serves its purpose.

Not having anything to do in particular with Charley, however, it does have to do with the Civil War and is proof that I haven't completely forgotten about this website.  Original research paper done for my intro to American History class.  If you haven't ever heard of the Sanitary Fairs, or even the Sanitary Commission, I recommend reading this piece.

As for actual Charley Goodyear will happen.  Just...with college it has been really really busy, and summer before that was much the same.  Not sure when I'll have a chance to truly update everything.

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Phase one of the uplift and renovation project is complete.  This included a restructuring of the website to make things easier to find.  It also included a new homepage that would be a much better greeting for visitors than the blog.  The new homepage has important links for different parts of the website.  One of these links is for the "Map" which will be a part of phase 2 of the uplift project.

Another new feature is comment boxes on all the letters which I hope will be used for better communication between visitors and I, especially where the future of our site is involved.  Hopefully I can get some good ideas for new articles and links from these comment boxes.

Also, in a hope of reaching out to more people, the site now has a Facebook page, aptly names "Letters From Charley Goodyear."  If you have a Facebook, please like the page and tell your friends about it all at the same time!

Look forward to phase 2 of the uplift project, coming later this week.  (Maybe even sooner than later.)
This is just some quick news.  There will be new content soon.  I have the time now to try some more intricate stuff, so I'm going to try it in the coming days.  This will include a new homepage which will look better then the blog and will have information and important links that will hopefully be more exciting then this.  Not to say the blog will go away.  It's just going to be moved to a different spot.

Also, I'm doing so reorganizing.  This won't effect much at all so don't worry too much about it.  I am going to try and finally write the biographies for Charles and Romulus in the near future, and all of the soldier and person profiles will go under the new "Biographies" section.  This will hopefully lessen the strain on the "Articles" tab.  I am also going to place any videos I have under a new Video section under the "Photo Gallery" tab.

The one major new item which I will be rolling out, and which I am massively excited for is an interactive map.  This map will briefly outline the journey of Charles as he travels across the country.  I'm excited about this, so you should be too.

And that about raps up this blog post.  Over the summer there may be even more things in store so keep coming back to see the next new and exciting thing.
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Hello all,

As you may or may not have noticed, a bunch of things have been added in the past few weeks.  The most exciting thing was the addition of the 9th letter, though it is not technically Civil War.  It is still an important document though, and while it will remain without annotations or links, it is still a good read.

The other exciting news is that there is now a video for this project to be used for my presentation.  The video can be viewed here, under the Introduction page, or on YouTube
Welcome to everyone who finds this site because of an article at the Republican-American.  I'm glad you came, especially since they didn't give the url...  Please explore the site to your hearts content, and feel free to leave feedback in either a comment or by using the feedback form in the links section.

Today marks a minor update.  The photo gallery is back, and better with more pictures, mostly from the Gunnery Archives.  All articles have now been edited and corrected of mistakes.  And the articles have been made visible and searchable via the scroll down menu.  The biography of Charles is on its way, and should be on the site by April 6th at the latest.

In other news, the exhibit at the Gunn Museum is moving along, and it should be ready by the 1st of May to open with the rest of the museum.  If you are in Northeastern Connecticut on the 1st of May, I highly recommend that you come visit the Gunn Memorial Museum in Washington Connecticut.  There will be a Civil War encampment on the Green, and a Civil War church service with famous Washington residents will be held also, along with other fun activities and events.  It will be a grand time, and great for the whole family.

That is all for now.  Thanks once again for visiting everyone.

EDIT:  The last letter (December 24 1862) has been added now, and mostly annotated.  I have three new things to write for it and this should be done fairly soon.
And so the site is nearly done.  All letters are current, and all articles have been written.  The major part of the project has been complete.  Tomorrow, I will finally finish and post the bio for Goodyear, and finish this website, more or less.

There are a couple of things that need doing, two rather major, and some rather minor.  The minor stuff mainly includes finally figuring out what I want to do with the photo gallery.  I'm thinking I may just get rid of it as there is little need for it.  All pictures I'm using are within the articles.  Other minor stuff will include updates to articles as we go through an editing stage.

The two major things that need doing are of greater concern.  One is that there is a letter missing.  The good news is that I've gone through it on paper, and there are no new articles that need writing for it.  It is a rather fun letter and I will miss it not being on the site come tomorrow.  The other major problem is even more troubling.  I will not have a bio for Loveridge.  The main reason is that, while I have done much research on him, we did not get certain promised materials from Yale, and this is a problem for me in terms of detail and also citation.  So yeah, we'll see what happens there.  It is, however, not paramount to this project so I don't feel too stressed about it for now. 

So there you have it, a massive update.  A smaller update will follow tomorrow, and then I will finally declare the site open.  I will not say complete, because it obviously isn't, and I doubt it ever will be 100% complete.  Anyways, I look forward to tomorrow.
And I haven't gotten as far with the site as I would have liked.  Due to a number of things making life busy, the site has gotten a bit behind schedule.  The good news though is that break is coming up, and by the end of it, everything will be done.

So, for updates, most of the letters have been begun to a degree.  Some are actually very close to being finished.  Articles are slowly going through a revision state.  So that leaves just a smaller number of articles to write, and the biographies of Goodyear and Loveridge.

So that's all for now.  Hopefully we'll have a fully completed site by the end of
Hello World!

This site is still under construction and very little is truthfully up.  Over the next few weeks we will be getting more and more up, and hopefully by March we will be done more or less.

In the meantime, look around and make sure to read the one and only letter that we currently have up.  It might be short and sweet, but it is a good letter none the less. did you find this place!?