This is just some quick news.  There will be new content soon.  I have the time now to try some more intricate stuff, so I'm going to try it in the coming days.  This will include a new homepage which will look better then the blog and will have information and important links that will hopefully be more exciting then this.  Not to say the blog will go away.  It's just going to be moved to a different spot.

Also, I'm doing so reorganizing.  This won't effect much at all so don't worry too much about it.  I am going to try and finally write the biographies for Charles and Romulus in the near future, and all of the soldier and person profiles will go under the new "Biographies" section.  This will hopefully lessen the strain on the "Articles" tab.  I am also going to place any videos I have under a new Video section under the "Photo Gallery" tab.

The one major new item which I will be rolling out, and which I am massively excited for is an interactive map.  This map will briefly outline the journey of Charles as he travels across the country.  I'm excited about this, so you should be too.

And that about raps up this blog post.  Over the summer there may be even more things in store so keep coming back to see the next new and exciting thing.

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