Phase one of the uplift and renovation project is complete.  This included a restructuring of the website to make things easier to find.  It also included a new homepage that would be a much better greeting for visitors than the blog.  The new homepage has important links for different parts of the website.  One of these links is for the "Map" which will be a part of phase 2 of the uplift project.

Another new feature is comment boxes on all the letters which I hope will be used for better communication between visitors and I, especially where the future of our site is involved.  Hopefully I can get some good ideas for new articles and links from these comment boxes.

Also, in a hope of reaching out to more people, the site now has a Facebook page, aptly names "Letters From Charley Goodyear."  If you have a Facebook, please like the page and tell your friends about it all at the same time!

Look forward to phase 2 of the uplift project, coming later this week.  (Maybe even sooner than later.)
Tom Ballantyne

Zack, I found your site in the course of trying to find material on my great-grandfather, Capt. John O'Brien, who was one of Charley Goodyear's comrades. I'll let you know what other Civil War-related stuff I find, if you're interested. I visited the Conn. Historical Society in Hartford recently and found copies of O'Brien's letters to his family from 1861-1865. It is fascinating to read what he thought of the war and what everyday camp life was like. He later became a newspaper reporter and his letters show why he was well suited for that occupation. I didn't know that he was a student of your school's founder, though. I thought he hadn't had more than a few years of grammar school. Love to learn more about that. Congrats on your project and your site. I hope many others get in touch with you and share their stories and family history, as well.


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