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This site is still under construction and very little is truthfully up.  Over the next few weeks we will be getting more and more up, and hopefully by March we will be done more or less.

In the meantime, look around and make sure to read the one and only letter that we currently have up.  It might be short and sweet, but it is a good letter none the less.  Also...how did you find this place!?
10/11/2012 04:55:35 am

Thank you for that. You definitely have it right: the issue of being in 'reaction mode' is probably the biggest downside of allowing the immediate competitive environment dictate your next move.

3/29/2013 02:23:59 am

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Mary Mitchell
5/29/2014 12:36:37 am

Col. Charles P. Goodyear was my great grandfather and I accidentally came upon your site. I binged His name to find a bit more information about him for my many grandchildren and I found your site... Over the years I've heard many things about Him but nothing concrete. The work you've done is fascinating to me and I wish to thank you.


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