Welcome to everyone who finds this site because of an article at the Republican-American.  I'm glad you came, especially since they didn't give the url...  Please explore the site to your hearts content, and feel free to leave feedback in either a comment or by using the feedback form in the links section.

Today marks a minor update.  The photo gallery is back, and better with more pictures, mostly from the Gunnery Archives.  All articles have now been edited and corrected of mistakes.  And the articles have been made visible and searchable via the scroll down menu.  The biography of Charles is on its way, and should be on the site by April 6th at the latest.

In other news, the exhibit at the Gunn Museum is moving along, and it should be ready by the 1st of May to open with the rest of the museum.  If you are in Northeastern Connecticut on the 1st of May, I highly recommend that you come visit the Gunn Memorial Museum in Washington Connecticut.  There will be a Civil War encampment on the Green, and a Civil War church service with famous Washington residents will be held also, along with other fun activities and events.  It will be a grand time, and great for the whole family.

That is all for now.  Thanks once again for visiting everyone.

EDIT:  The last letter (December 24 1862) has been added now, and mostly annotated.  I have three new things to write for it and this should be done fairly soon.