And so the site is nearly done.  All letters are current, and all articles have been written.  The major part of the project has been complete.  Tomorrow, I will finally finish and post the bio for Goodyear, and finish this website, more or less.

There are a couple of things that need doing, two rather major, and some rather minor.  The minor stuff mainly includes finally figuring out what I want to do with the photo gallery.  I'm thinking I may just get rid of it as there is little need for it.  All pictures I'm using are within the articles.  Other minor stuff will include updates to articles as we go through an editing stage.

The two major things that need doing are of greater concern.  One is that there is a letter missing.  The good news is that I've gone through it on paper, and there are no new articles that need writing for it.  It is a rather fun letter and I will miss it not being on the site come tomorrow.  The other major problem is even more troubling.  I will not have a bio for Loveridge.  The main reason is that, while I have done much research on him, we did not get certain promised materials from Yale, and this is a problem for me in terms of detail and also citation.  So yeah, we'll see what happens there.  It is, however, not paramount to this project so I don't feel too stressed about it for now. 

So there you have it, a massive update.  A smaller update will follow tomorrow, and then I will finally declare the site open.  I will not say complete, because it obviously isn't, and I doubt it ever will be 100% complete.  Anyways, I look forward to tomorrow.